Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Oversight Council

Report On Juvenile Reforms

June 1, 2017*

  • Agenda
  • Minutes

December 12, 2016

May 18, 2016 Meeting

October 28, 2015 Meeting









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Oversight Council Members

  • Greg Sattizahn
    Chair, Unified Judicial System
  • AJ Franken
    Governor's Office Appointee
  • Charles Frieberg
    Unified Judicial System
  • Kelly Marnette
    Assistant Attorney General
  • Bryan Harberts
    Youth Care Provider
  • Amy Iversen-Pollreisz
    Dept. of Social Services
  • Kristi Bunkers
    Dept. of Corrections
  • Sarah Morrison
    Deputy States Attorney
  • Justice Janine Kern
    Supreme Court Justice
  • Kelly Glodt 
  • School Superintendent
  • Judge Scott Myren
    Fifth Judicial Circuit
  • Judge Steven Jensen
    First Judicial Circuit
  • Andrew Robertson
    Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Matt Kinney 
    Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Senator Alan Solano
  • State Senator
  • Senator Billie Sutton
    Senate Minority Leader
  • Rep. Julie Bartling
  • House Assn Minority Leader
  • Secretary Steve Emery
    Secretary of Tribal Relations
  • Rep. Kevin Jensen
  • State Representative
  • Neil Von Eschen
  • Charles Mix County Commission